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International community and Attila József: Words that still come to life today

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"This performance strongly reinforced my feeling of being fortunate, as my life is better than that of Attila József. I have a mother, a father, and a homeland..."

On Friday afternoon, we presented our performance "I Am Not, Only Others See Me," based on the texts of Attila József, to the international students of the Balassi Scholarship Program. This was a special event for us because we engaged with a group representing 12 different native languages and cultures, yet these young people speak Hungarian at intermediate, advanced, or even native levels. It was exciting to listen to Attila József's texts together and then discuss the thoughts and feelings they evoked after the performance. The students unanimously agreed on the relevance of these texts in 2024, regardless of their countries or cultures. We thank the young audience for their attention, the thoughts shared during the discussion, and the fact that we could experience a true Encounter through Theatre together.

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Fazakas Misi Receives Bonis Bona Award

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Fazakas Misi, the director, leader, and trainer of the Osonó Theatre, has been honored with the Bonis Bona - For the Talents of the Nation Award. This prestigious award is granted by the National Talent Center to professionals who have excelled in talent nurturing. Out of 102 nominations in the talent supporter category, eleven individuals, including Fazakas Misi, received the award in recognition of his decades-long dedication to fostering young talent and his significant positive impact on the lives of many young people.

Under Fazakas's leadership, the Osonó Theatre has excelled in numerous areas of talent development. He has run talent development workshops, worked on developing talent networks, and organized various national and regional programs. Over his 25-year career, he has organized 96 drama camps, 15 Erasmus projects, and 10 Határtalanul! programs. As a trainer, he conducts nearly 100 workshops and 10 training sessions annually. Thanks to the Osonó Theatre's work, nearly 8,000 people participate in its theatrical and educational activities each year. The company was recognized as a National Talent Point in 2015 and became a European Talent Point in 2017. Under his guidance, the Osonó Theatre has participated in 37 national and international festivals and won 36 awards for best team or best actor.

In 2000, Fazakas founded the drama department at the Plugor Sándor Art High School in Sfântu Gheorghe, where he served as head and acting teacher until 2023. During this period, his students won 7 first places, 5 second places, and 4 third places at the National Acting Competitions, as well as 18 awards in various other national and international contests. As a result, the department became the most awarded drama department in Romania. In 2012, Fazakas reformed high school acting education with an innovative modular system, which was praised and approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education.

For five years, he organized afternoon activities for young people within the Sfântu Gheorghe Art and Folk School framework, followed by ten years of regular training for teachers, group leaders, and youth workers. He has also conducted self-awareness, team-building, and acting workshops for the dancers of the Háromszék Dance Ensemble for over two decades.

Fazakas initiated several international projects from Thailand to Italy to Morocco, involving many participants from his talent workshops. Due to his influence, over fifty individuals are now active in various theaters in Transylvania, with many others excelling in different professional fields.

After concluding his public education activities a year ago, Fazakas continues his talent-supporting work at the Osonó Theatre. The theatre remains focused on theater, education, and social projects, offering various national and international projects and training programs for young adults and adults.

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Exploring the depths: Collaboration with H13 Kultpont in Józsefváros

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"This presentation helped me understand József Attila's life and poetry much better than any textbook has so far."

Yesterday, the H13 Kultpont hosted our presentation titled "I Am Not, Only Others See," which was based on the texts of József Attila. We presented it to the twelfth-grade students of Szent Anna Greek Catholic High School and Technical School. This unconventional literature session provided an opportunity for young people to delve into the texts written by the poet and to share personal thoughts sparked by the discussion following the presentation. We appreciate the attention and the openness of the class to get closer to the personality and poetry of József Attila!

The event was supported by H13 Kultpont!

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Back to Székelyvarság: Acceptance and Discovery of ourself

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"The Osonó has helped me tremendously in recent years. I've grown stronger, been able to make decisions in every situation life throws at me. Even in everyday life, I can use a lot of what I gain from these weekends with Osonó. And perhaps most importantly: I've learned to dare to be myself."

Two members of our group, Misi Fazakas and Oszkár Mucha, held a series of self-awareness and motivational training sessions in Székelyvarság over the weekend, for those wonderful people who always enjoy coming back. Once again, the Miracle happened, the true Encounter. Together, we experienced again that "No matter how much you immerse yourself in yourself, you can only wash your face in someone else." We could be ourselves, simply, honestly. We laughed, played seriously, reinforced each other, delved deeper, dealt with our souls. We thank each other's attention, the joy of personal togetherness, the love, Pál Emese, for organizing this uplifting and defining event for all of us once again, for the umpteenth time, and to Emília Fábián and Enikő Tifán for their nurturing care! We are incredibly grateful!

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